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During the Second World War in the Netherlands were killed 210 000 citizens of the country (23 300 participants in antinazist Resistance). Manchester Guardian” from 30th October 1948.

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Wellcome to my Blog! The Blog is for military history and military policy. In the “Post” you can see the photohistory of the Second World War in 26 parts. In the “Pages” you can see also a my variouse research articles. Your sincerely: lieutenant-colonel from reserve (doctor) Nikolay Kotev


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“Америка, красивая и далекая…”. Click to: kotev.podbean.com

“Historical Science in Russia: New Books”. Click to:kotevn.webs.com

“Old Rare Books”. Click to: kotenikkot.wordpress.com

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“Balkans: Liberation from Nazy Occupation 1944-1945”. Click to: kotevnikolay.webs.com

“Soviet-Afghanian War 1979-1989”. Click to:  Soviet-Afghanian War 1979-1989


1.  “Бункер / Der Untergang” (2004)

2. “Дрезден / Dresden” (2006)

3.  “Бофор / Beaufort” (2007)

4. “Операция Валькирия / Valkyrie” (2008)

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